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Military veterans need jobs to support themselves and their families when they come back from service. All over the nation, there are various entities that are committed to helping veterans to transition from military life and get jobs in the civilian world. It will be a great thing if every individual in the country took hiring veteran seriously so as to utilize many job opportunities that come up to employ, support and also educate the men and women that sacrificed a lot to go and fight in defense of the country.

In the efforts that are aimed at making sure that veterans get jobs, President Obama signed the Veterans Opportunities to Work (VOW) to Hire Heroes Act of 2011 to be part of the law on November 21, 2011. This law has two tax credits, the first one being the Returning Veterans Tax Credit which is a new tax hiring credit that is aimed at providing an incentive to businesses to make it possible for the vets that have jobs.

Under this credit, there are two other credits. There is the Short-term Unemployed credit which is forty percent of the initial 6,000 dollars of wages for those employers that hire vets that have not been employed for not more than four weeks. The other credit under the Returning Heroes Credit is Long Term Unemployed Credit that is forty percent of the initial 14,000 dollars of wages for the employers that hire those veterans that have been jobless for more than six months. navigate here

Apart from the Returning Veterans Tax Credit, there is the Wounded Veteran/Warrior Tax Credit which is double the amount of the current tax credit for vets that have been jobless for a very long time and have service-connected disabilities. Under this credit, the current Work Opportunity Tax Credit for vets who have got service-connected disabilities and with wages not exceeding 4,800 dollars is maintained. Still under the credit, there is another credit which is forty percent of the initial 24,000 dollars of wages for the companies that hire vets that have disabilities that are connected to military service and have been without jobs for more than six months.

The Veterans Opportunities to Work Act also gives additional support to help unemployed veterans get jobs. This is through the Veterans Assistance Retraining Program that gives approximately 99,000 unemployed veterans whose ages range between 35 and 60 with twelve more months of job training. The veterans who qualify for this training are not supposed to be entitled to other benefits from the GI bill. The training they get enables them to have a certificate or degree in their preferred career and it is usually offered by a training school or a community college.

Once the veterans complete the training, they get free employment assistance as well as job placement services from The U.S Labor Department locations all over the country. Another form of support VOW gives veterans is the Special Incentives Program that is meant to benefit especially those vets who might have trouble when it comes to getting meaningful employment. Usually, the vet is put in an on-the-job training with the employer and then the Veteran Affairs Department pays for approximately half of the veteran’s salary for the first 6 to 9 months.