Electric vs Gas Washer Buyer’s Guide-At A Look

Electric pressure washers have made their way into our modern lifestyles. They help remove the layers of dust that settles down when overlooked in your daily routine. They can help make your living place hygienic and beautiful, removing the settled dust and filth. They can also help remove age-old stains, infusing freshness in homes. With busy schedules, it becomes impossible to remove the caked dust manually.Checkout electric vs gas washer buyer’s guide from Hanover-powerwashing.com for more info.

An electric washer helps remove dirt in minutes, saving the entire weekend that was previously reserved for cleaning. Moreover, these have an edge over the traditional gas pressure washers. Gas washers are not only more expensive, but also require more maintenance than the electric ones. Electric washers stop automatically, whereas the user has to stop the gas ones manually. Electric washers offer many further benefits and turn out to be perfect for contemporary busy lifestyles.

The very thought of gas power washers brings memories of high decibel noise. Even the neighbors come to know about the cleaning schedule at home. Here electric washers come to the rescue of both you and your neighbors. They do not make ultra high-decibel noise while cleaning the furniture and accessories. In fact, they make virtually no noise at all. Even sleeping kids do not come to know when the electric pressure washer is working. But note that the absence of noise does not make electric washers less effective than the gasoline ones.

From time immemorial, man has always sought easier means of doing things. This quest has led him to the invention of several machines that have not only made his work easier, but has also reduced the time he uses to accomplish his tasks. One of such machines is a pressure washer. There are basically two types of pressure washers and each is classified on the basis of its source of power. They are;

  1. Electric pressure washers
  2. Gas Pressure washers

Gas power washers are so named, simply because their source of power are gas engines while electric washers have electricity as their power source.

Listed below are a few differences between an electric power washer and a gas power washer;

  1. Electric washers provide less in terms of PSI (Pressure per square inch) compared to gas washers. The PSI of a washer is the force resulting from one pound applied over an area of one square inch. It isn’t rare to see among these washers that the maximum PSI of an electric unit is the least for certain gas units.
  2. Electric pressure washers for not require so much in terms of maintenance. Basic cleaning of the machine will be just fine but the gas powered machines require considerable effort in terms of maintenance, you will have to get conversant with changing of spark plugs and oil etc.